Goals and Objectives

OUR Goals and objectives

The major goal of Talanta Youth Empowerment Centre is to enhance socio-economic capacities of the young people through the use of talents and acquired economic skills and promoting the youth’s capacity towards projecting proactive leadership.


Other goals include:

·         Food security

·         Preventing juvenile delinquency among the youth

·         Reduce alcohol and drugs abuse among the youth

·         exposing youth to the college atmosphere,

·         Providing role models and other positive individuals to emulate

·         Facilitating positive interactions between the youth

·         Tapping and nurturing their expansive talents in sports, performance and creative arts, paper art, and many more


These goals help in creation of a unique class of self reliant youth intent on developing their economic selves and remodeling their social identities from being perceived as social burdens to the society due to a dependency on handouts to being seen as socially and economically reliable individuals.


In essence, the overall objective of TYCE  is the reformation of the youth and redirection of their thoughts, beliefs, energies, desires, abilities and talents towards dictating and facilitating a peaceful environment for both their own occupation as well as the community in general through the proactive and sustainable strategies.